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  • The Constitution of the United States, Smithsonian Edition

    This durable and portable book will help you navigate the latest conversations about the supreme law of the land. With a sleek and dignified design, its features make it the perfect keepsake: 
  • Foil-stamped in gold
  • Sturdy, quality hardcover 
    This edition stands out in the market with an illuminating new introduction from Harry R. Rubenstein, curator emeritus in the Division of Political History at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. With his expertise in the history of American democracy, he offers important, modern context to the historical document and examines the Constitution's legacy and relevance to the present-day United States and its people.
    From ensuring a system of checks and balances to granting the right to vote, the Constitution affects every citizen. It's a must-read to understand the blueprint of our country, the role citizens play in upholding the Constitution, how it has adapted over time with amendments, and how it may yet still evolve.