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  • Lavender Short Sleeve | Regency Gown

    • Sometimes called a bib front or pinned front gown, this early 19th-century style gown is comfortable, adjustable, and appropriate for 1812, Jane Austen, Regency era. Made entirely out of cotton, the gown's structure has been based on extant garments. The gown comes up over the shoulders and ties together with two ties across the bust. Then the front panel pins at the sides of the breast while a tie goes around the trunk and secures with a bow. There is a small drawstring at the top of the front panel to allow the wearer to adjust for a more accurate fit to their figure.

      The small capped sleeve adds a romantic and feminine touch. To really complete the look you desire, you can add a small train for a formal touch or keep it the standard floor length.

    • 19th Century