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  • Copper Silk Jacket | Perky

    True to its name, this lively garment is admired for its pointed flounce. This is a shorter jacket with a continuous neckline appropriate for the 1770s and 1780s. The squared-off front hem presents an elegant style that fits well with the jacket's fitted sleeves to create a fashionable silhouette. This versatile jacket will fit in anywhere from a carefree stroll to a humble church service.

    The epitome of the Turkey Roost line, these fitted silk jackets are elegant In their straight lines and flare at the hip. Ideal for the upper middle class and higher, the Perky and Fanfare style silk jackets lace up the front and when paired with a stomacher and silk petticoat, make a perfect outfit.  The period-correct linen lining adds rigidity and structure to the luscious silk.

    We suggest measuring your natural waist while wearing stays to get a proper fit.