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  • Black Linen Jacket | Provincial

    The provincial jacket, named for its rustic style, sets itself apart with a matching pointed stomacher. Specific to the 1760s and mid-century, this jacket has a longer design with generous skirting, a squared neckline, and looser sleeves characteristic of the era. With no buttonholes or lacing, this jacket is the perfect mix of simple and stylish, excellent for visiting with friends or going to the market.

    Linen is the most appropriate choice for a working-class or middling impression. These two new styles offer details that compliment any body type and give a proper silhouette. The Provincial jacket features a matching linen stomacher which attaches with pins. The Fetching jacket laces up the front and shows off some amazing cuffs at the elbow. Both styles are soft linen outers with a stiff linen lining.

    We suggest measuring your natural waist while wearing stays to get a proper fit.